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Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti is a non-profit voluntary organization working on Gandhian principals for rural development. Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti is a non-political, secular NGO’s working for all round development of hill people of the Himalayas. It is, in fact, a response of a group of educated and service oriented people led by a Social worker, namely, Mr. Narendra Singh Koranga, Starting from his student500 word article days, Mr. Narendra Singh Koranga has been fighting for the rights of Scheduled castes (SCs), Scheduled tribes (STs) of landless poor in the Tehsil Kapkot and Danpur Patti of Bageshwar District in the State of Uttarakhand. Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti was established in the year 1988-89, Registration under Society Act. XXI of 1860 Regd. No. 295 Date: 02.11.1988 to cater for the social welfare needs of poor people of rural society and slum area residents living around Uttarakhand Himalaya and other nearby places. It has worked as a grass roots implementation agency. It aims at sustainable natural resources for livelihood, focusing on the development of the poor rural families. NGO that has been operating in the upper reaches of the Kumaon and Garhwal region Himalaya’s for 24 years.

Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti is an emotional response to the complex problems of poverty, powerlessness, lack of organisation, assetlessness, unemployment, malnutrition, ill-health, illiteracy and ignorance surrounding the vulnerable people in the altitude of 2000-3000 meters in Kumaon and Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti kept work as its priority in the initial period for a better understanding of the social, political, economic and environmental conditions and processes on the area. The grass root implementation programmes were taken up by the organization from 1988 with environment a major concern because of the eco-sensitivity of the Himalaya’s. In the initial stages, Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti kept its activities limited to a small and compact area addressing very specific identified problems of one resource management i.e. land, forest, water, crop and cattle; two basic social service activities like provision of drinking ware, non-formal education, sanitation and health. Along with these two main activities, late Himalayan Jan Kalyan Samiti also took up programmes on women empowerment. It is now focusing in development issues with a gender perspective and playing a role as a development support organization for the village groups.

It is engaged in dissemination of medical buy a research paper knowledge and for the development of the rural downtrodden. The Society has been a premier organization in the field of Counseling, guidance, making people aware of the job opportunities available in the global market, policy research, various opportunities available in public and private sectors in employment/self employment, conducting mass awareness generation programmes nationwide on burning issues, various activities of social upliftment and skill development training for better rehabilitation of the people from the down trodden section of society for the last 20 years. Society mission is to create opportunities of gainful self-employment for the rural families, especially disadvantaged sections, ensuring sustainable livelihood, enriched environment, improves quality of life, and good human values.

The intention of establishing the organization was to improve the social economic condition ‘of thousands of people living below poverty line who are suffering from lack of educational facilities, vocational training and lack of other employment resources. The government can implement their social upliftment programme alongwith coordination with social and can generate a social awareness among social people. To understand the problems of poor we have organized major thrust activities in few years since inception, for poverty stricken rural society, particularly for scheduled caste/scheduled tribe community and for their women and children.

The organisation during last few years has conducted a number of programmes with fruitful results in spite of its limited financial resources. However more is still needed to be done to elevate the suffering people of poverty stricken rural and urban area. This organisation is fully and faithfully committed to this noble cause of social welfare.


Achieving a self-reliant rural society with self-governance, peace, equity and justice.


1. To organize communities for initiating social action.
2. To develop sustainable health care system.
3. Empowerment of women and bringing gender equity in rural society.
4. Economic development and creating sustainable opportunity to weaker section.


  • Empowerment of the poor in general and that of the scheduled castes (SCs), Scheduled tribes (STs) and women in particular through conscientious, organization, social action, education and asset creation.
  • Promotion of people’s participation in development efforts; and
  • Provision of education, health, nutrition community services necessary for the development of the poor children, the disadvantaged and the aged.
  • To promote and develop Community health through establishment of health centres, which implement family planning programmes and disseminate health-related education.
  • To arrange library and reading room facilities etc. for education to masses.
  • To promote, undertake and set up centres for research, evaluation, educational activities and furtherance of the aims and objectives of the organization.
  • To implement employment oriented programmes for neglected and weaker sections of the society including the rehabilitation of orphans, widows and destitute women by encouraging handicraft and villages industries.
  • To perform other such works which are essential for social, economic and cultural development of the society.
  • To promote and develop appropriate rural technology.
  • To promote and develop non-conventional energy sources.
  • To work for environment protection and a pollution free atmosphere.
  • To promote village agro-industries, irrigation, safe drinking water, social forestry, agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry.
  • To promote integrated area development.

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